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Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

president of KIOST, Woong-Seo Kim

Welcome to the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) website!

Surrounded by seas to the west, south, and east, the Republic of Korea is a maritime nation. As we all know, the ocean is the foundation of the fishing industry and also the major industrial bases of many nations, including the Republic of Korea, that import raw materials, process them to make products, and then export those products, are located along coastlines. In this respect, port cities, where the ocean is a source of abundant jobs, and where foreign and local cultures converge, serve as engines of the national economy, based on the productivity of the ocean and diversity of civilization.

KIOST is a state-run institution tasked with discovering new scientific knowledge about the ocean for the benefit of the people, as a better understanding of the sea surrounding us is related directly to the creation of new jobs.

To that end, KIOST strives to develop cutting-edge scientific technology and acquire new knowledge in order to discover advanced life, minerals, and energy resources in the ocean and establish future-oriented port city infrastructure and coastal landscapes. In doing so, KIOST is contributing to the development of the national economy while producing talented, next-generation human resources to sustain it.

I look forward to your continued support and interest in KIOST as we continue to take great strides towards becoming a truly global ocean science and technology research and education institution.

Thank You.


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Last Update : 2022-07-28